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Basic Guidelines on How to Sell a Home by an Owner

When you have a property which you need to sell, there are two ways to go about it. You can either sell it directly yourself or you can hire a real estate agent to do the selling for you. One of the major drawbacks of selling a home through an agent is paying a substantial amount as the agent’s fee. It really hurts to see someone extracting a percentage of the sales proceeds as his fee. So the solution is to sell your home yourself.

Selling a property by an owner is not rocket science. But it does involve some legwork compared to selling it through an agent.


Here are some basic guidelines on how to sell your home yourself

Step 1: Click good quality photographs of your home

Step 2: Select an authentic website for listing the home

Step 3: List on the site by uploading a description, photographs, and videos of your home.

Step 4: Connect with prospects.

Step 5: Arrange for viewing of the home.

Step 6: Negotiate with the buyer.

Step 7: Draw up the contract.

These are the basic steps for selling a home by the owner. But there are also certain important aspects such as pricing the property, getting it ready for inspection, etc.

One authentic property portal which encourages selling a home by the owner is Minus the Agent. This site equips the owner to completely eliminate the agent and sell the property by himself.


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