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Sell Your Home Online

Revolution in technology has completely changed the working of the real estate market. Today you have the facility to sell your own home online. The availability of online property portals has made this possible.

If you are new to the property market, you may wonder “How do I sell my own home online?

You can sell your home online by listing it on a property portal. You can list your home on multiple portals as well. Online methods provide you the facility to share your listing on social networking sites also.

When you list your property online you can upload complete details about it. You also have the facility of uploading attractive photographs so as to entice the seekers towards your property. These days property seekers prefer online methods for selecting a property. They form an opinion about the property based on what they see online. Therefore, as an owner, you should put your best foot forward. You can attract seekers by uploading a virtual tour of your property.

By using all these methods, you will be able to find a seeker in quick time for your property.

What if there was one site that fulfilled all your needs?

There is one such site and it is Minus the Agent!!

This is a property portal where listing a property it very simple. This site is easy to navigate. You can avail the benefit of multiple listing at no additional charges. This is because this site lists your property on other leading property websites in Australia. It also advertises your listing on social media sites. For all these benefits you only pay once for the package you choose.

So, utilise the services of this portal and sell your own home without an agent and save on the agent’s commission.


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