Recommended Websites For Selling Your Own Property

sites for advertising property

Sale of a property directly by the owner is the trend that has gained momentum in the recent years. This is because of simple online methods available for sale of the property. Online methods provide the seller a platform to advertise his property extensively to a large audience. The internet can be accessed by property seekers 24/7 from anywhere in the world. So, a listed property is visible to a large number of seekers.

If you want to sell your home yourself, it is necessary to list it on a reliable website. These property listing sites are sites for advertising property effectively. Minus The Agent is the best-recommended website for selling your own property in Australia.

Why is Minus The Agent the best-recommended site for selling your house?

This is because:

  1. It has a simple listing procedure.

  1. Navigation is easy.

  1. Provide a downloadable selling guide which provides tips on presentation and sale of the house.

  1. You need to pay only once for the package that you select. There are no hidden costs or additional charges at any stage.

  1. The site provides you the complete control of the entire sale process. At the same time, it provides you guidance if needed.

  1. It helps you in advertising your property for sale privately. You can advertise your property by uploading pictures, videos, and description highlighting special features of your home. Since the sale is dependent on the way the house is advertised, Minus The Agent also provides effective tools such as professional photos, signboards, name boards, name and phone number stickers, marketing brochures, etc.

  1. Provides you 24/7 access to manage your listing from your computer or mobile.

  1. Your property is listed on other leading property websites in Australia which have high traffic.

Doesn’t it sound unbelievable, that there is such a site with so many benefits at such a minimal fee!!

This brings us to the nagging doubt you might have regarding the expenses you may need to incur for selling.

You may wonder, “How much does it cost to sell my own property?”

Selling a property was expensive when it was done through agents. This is because the agents charged a % of the total sales amount as a commission. But today, selling your home need not cut into your profits if you use the services of Minus The Agent. The entire amount made from the sale is yours.

However, there will be certain expenses that you might need to bear while selling your home. Some of them are:

  • The fee of a professional home evaluator, you may engage to fix the price of your house.

  • You may need to hire services of a professional home staging Company for presenting your home. This will also be an expense you will incur.

  • You will need to hire an attorney for making the contract.

  • The charges towards the package selected.

However, all these expenses are much lower when compared to the high fees charged by an agent.

So, maximise your gains by utilising the benefits provided by Minus The Agent!!


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